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Training and developing the next generation of leaders through intentional community living and holistic mentorship.


To establish transformative community spaces where young leaders from diverse backgrounds can thrive, cultivate their leadership skills, deepen their spiritual growth, and create lasting impact.


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Combine charisma, strategic thinking, and compassion, and you have Andy Abrams. Although born and raised in Chicago, he intentionally moved to rural Mississippi in the mid-80s to raise his family on their inherited land. While serving as the Director of Family Development and Training with Voice of Calvary Ministries in Jackson, MS, Andy took on challenging responsibilities, such as training individuals to become first time homeowners.


He was a martial arts master, a dynamic speaker, a professional bible teacher, and a loving family man. His impressive business management background merged with the critical skills he acquired while mastering the game of chess enabled him to develop leaders efficiently and established quality partnerships throughout the city. Click here to explore both his sermons and those of his son, Jason "Smiley" Abrams.


As he battled diabetes, kidney failure, and blindness - due to high blood pressure, Andy Abrams served as the Lead Pastor at Voice of Calvary Fellowship Church from 1999 until he passed away from health complications on March 13, 2003.

He loved to bake (and eat) German Chocolate cake, to read science fiction novels, and all things Star Trek.

our Team:
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Jason "Smiley" Abrams

Executive Director/ Co-Founder

Ellen McLaughlin

Board Member

Siobhan Abrams

Director of Operations/Co-Founder

Sylvia Madiebo

Board Member

Anthony Bobo Jr.

Board Chair

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Augustine Madiebo

Board Member

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