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How you can you help this vision become a reality

Transform Lives, Shape Futures: Donate Today!

Your contribution to the Andy Abrams Foundation is an investment in transformative change. With your support, we are:

  • Revitalizing Spaces: Renovating a house to create a nurturing community hub for aspiring leaders.

  • Empowering Leaders: Crafting a dynamic leadership development curriculum to holistically shape the next generation.

  • Building Connections: Fostering networks with local communities, churches, and businesses for sustainable impact.


Your donation doesn't just fund a project; it fuels a movement that empowers individuals, revitalizes communities, and shapes leaders who will drive positive change. Join us in making a lasting impact. Every contribution counts. Donate today and be a part of the journey toward transformation. Thank you for being a change-maker!

The Andy Abrams Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit. Check out the PDF below to download our project proposal with the estimate of repairs. If you would like to donate materials, appliances, or furniture please email us at


ways you can Partner:


If you would like to schedule a time to volunteer with us with renovation, leadership development or our fundraising please e-mail us: 

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Contribute effortlessly online to fuel our financial mission. Your support powers the development of leaders, the revitalization of communities, and the creation of lasting impact. Make a financial difference with just a few clicks.


Make all checks to:
"The Andy Abrams Foundation"

Mail directly to:


1007 Meloan Drive

Jackson, MS 39209

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